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What is a branding package?

A branding package is a set of digital and physical resources developed to establish a brand's image. Each item in the package reflects a desired style that brings together a company’s assets and communicates a cohesive message across channels. The consistency of these details is what helps to define your brand and builds trustworthiness and security amongst your audience.

This is often referred to by different names; branding packages, business branding packages, brand identity packages or even corporate identity packages. Whichever you are looking for, they mean the same thing and we can help you with it.

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What’s Included in our Complete Branding Package?

We have 6 things included in our packages:

1- Custom Primary & Secondary Premium Logo.

2- Style Guide (Developing a consistent brand starts with the style guide).

3- Logo guidelines (The different elements of your logo and how they should be used).

4- Typography: Rules and information regarding your typefaces and font system

5- Color palette (Custom color palette specifically curated for your brand, along with your color palette’s RGB, CMYK, and hexadecimal codes)

6- Graphic 3D mockup design elements (Custom graphic shapes, lines, patterns or other elements that best compliment your brand identity).


Bronze Package: $950

(includes Primary & Secondary logo)

Gold Package: $1850

(includes Primary & Secondary logo + Color Palette)

Platinum Complete Package: $2300

(includes Everything in our branding package)

Important: Please contact our team for more details before signing-up. 


Details & More information:

1- Logo and Visual Identity

Included and what to expect:


A- Primary custom logo design that will serve as your brand’s primary identifier


B-Personal name custom signature logo (used for personal branding as the principal face of the company + email & document signatures.


C-Primary logo variations: these can include stacked, horizontal or vertical applications and might also include simplified marks that can range from word marks, letter marks, icon marks etc. all depending on the primary logo type.

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2- Style Guide

Developing a consistent brand starts with the style guide


A style guide, also known as brand guidelines or a branding standards document, establishes the visual direction of a brand’s website, ads, and any other marketing assets. Think of it as a comprehensive rulebook that governs how your brand should (and shouldn’t) be displayed.


By having a style guide, you ensure you create a consistent brand experience that doesn’t confuse your audience. These brand specifications also create a foundation that can easily be handed over to designers, marketers, web developers and community managers to ensure everyone does their part in representing a unified brand front.


What to expect: Your style guide needs to tell your team or anyone working with you what they can do with your brand. 

3- Logo Guidelines

The different elements of your logo and how they should be used.

  • Icon and Trademark version

  • Primary and Secondary versions

  • Safe area

  • Sizing

  • Color versions and background application

Spotify has a great example of logo rules to follow!!

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4- Typography

Rules and information regarding your typefaces and font system.

  • A list of typefaces used for your brand or custom typeface

  • Font system: How your fonts should be used i.e. primary and secondary, digital typefaces


Fonts are powerful and selecting fonts for your brand should be chosen wisely. The most famous fonts are recognizable even when taken out of context.

Typography is the medium to connect who you are and how you communicate to the world. Each typeface—such as script, serif, sans serif etc.—can convey a different feeling just as what color conveys emotion.

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5- Color Palette

Custom color palette specifically curated for your brand, along with your color palette’s RGB, CMYK, and hexadecimal codes


This can include a primary and secondary color palette. How elaborate your palette is will depend on the strategy, for example a small list of colors might govern the logo, but supporting colors might be required for collateral.


Multiple colors can also be selected for specific types of marketing content, channels or product categories. The consistent use of color will reinforce the cohesiveness of your brand.



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6- Graphic Design 3D Mockup Elements

Custom graphic shapes, lines, patterns or other elements that best compliment your brand identity. These elements are often used in marketing collateral, in creative advertisements, on social media and so forth.

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Custom Premium Business Card Design

Price: $399

Business cards are the final touch on a good first impression. One study found 72% percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards; 39% of people said they would not do business with a company that had a cheap-looking card.


What to expect: Your design partner will want to know what information you’d like to display on the card. While your logo and brand colors will anchor your business card, they can add elements to make your card stand out further. The design company can also walk you through printing costs associated with any added finishes or special card shapes, so you stay on budget.


Once they ping you the design, check out your business card with the visual flow in mind. What is the first element you notice? And what's the last? Then your branding services partner can change the location or size of any elements if needed.



You want to make sure you’re investing your budget wisely. This is why we include a dedicated design team and project manager with our brand design package. As new needs come up, you’re not waiting on getting a new designer up to speed on your brand.

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