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Mr. Pak is an artist of African origins. As an American citizen, he permanently lives in the United States with his lovely wife and his 3 wonderful children.  He is bilingual in both English and French which reflects in his songs. Mr. Pak’s primary focus is to lead people to Jesus Christ and encourage the world in their faith.


He started rapping and embracing his music at the age of 13 in Togo west Africa (his birthplace). Few years into music, he became part of his very first rap band called “DIPSI” with whom he professionally recorded his first rap album which was never officially released.

Management Call +33 788 673 739 (France)

 +1 931 216 7013 (USA) 

During that period, Mr. Pak worked for about 3 years as a professional dance choreographer for the American Cultural Center of the Embassy of United States.


In 2005, he moved with his parents to Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) where he once again ended up in a rap band called Collective Horizon. This group was the winner of the very first edition of a very popular rap competition called Faya Flow.


After 6 years in Ivory Coast, Mr. Pak found himself in Texas for his College Education in 2011 at the University of Texas Arlington where he ended up meeting his wife.


From 2011 to 2022, he has grown closer to the Lord and became very serious about his walk in Jesus. Mr. Pak then decided to distance himself from his old self and solely walk according to the principles of the Kingdom of God found in the Holy Bible. He spent several years serving in different churches primarily as the head of the media department. He was very passionate about administering the word of God alongside his wife and were even holding weekly Bible studies in his apartment.

In 2022, Mr. Pak received a special calling from the Lord through the Holy Spirit asking him to fully serve him with his music and Minister the Good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World.


In January 2023, he then started receiving divine Melodies and songs straight from heaven and finally decided to obey the Lord’s instructions and start professionally recording his songs in order to fully invest and make a serious come back as an Urban Gospel Christian Artist.

Mr. Pak well known on social media as “JP Hightek” is today the founder of one of the best Branding & Media agencies Called Perfect Zone Productions. 

From Photography, Cinematography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Remote event Production, Live video, Software development, mobile and TV app creation, his company can help you elevate and expand the reach of your business in a premium and unique way with a physical Studio based in the United States in the state of Tennessee. 


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