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Toll Free: +1 (800) 499-8480



Perfect Zone Cineman is the movie department of "Perfect Zone Productions" ! Perfect Zone Cinema, or PZC is our videography department that offers an array of services from music video clips, business commericals, personal and professional interviews, documentaries, and full movies and much more. PZC is reinventing the entertainment experience while capturing the hearts and minds of the Body of Christ. PZC is committed to bringing quality videos to our communities and will always work to protect the minds of our youth. PZC is not just another cinema company, but is a minsitry focused on providing you with high quality and professional productions! Stop by, you will be glad you did. Please click on the button below to see some of our video samples.


For more information, please contact PZC directly by emailing us at


"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Matthew 5:48



Email: * Tel: 800-499-8480 * P.O.BOX 152468 Arlington, TX 76015

Work Experience


Movie Director/Photographer/Editor/Videographer


Perfect Zone Productions Arlington, TX


2011 to Present


I own and operate a media company called Perfect Zone Productions. I have long time experience in movie directing, video


production, editing, website designing and professional photography and graphic design. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Sony Vegas pro,


HTML, and Final  cut etc... I work with a team of professionals and looking to expand my 


horizons by working with other companies, individuals, or simply dreamers. 


We always guarantee our clientele the best work possible!


About my company:






Some of our work:,, and many many more.


Perfect Zone Productions is a Christian based company who believes in the 


purpose God has put in each and every one of us. Our goal is to help those who 


maybe do not believe in their gift, talent, or seed to step out of Egypt by seeing 


their seed flourish. There is nothing too small, or too big to the Lord so there is 


no such limit with Perfect Zone Productions. Perfect are we because the one 


that created us is Holy and perfect, therefore we encourage, motivate, and looking forward to working with all those who believe in building a Holy


and positive world (Matthew 5:48). The Bible makes us understand that we have a specific purpose on earth, in other words, there is a specific


purpose for why God has created each one of us. We are saying this to make you understand that our company is the Seed that the all mighty God,


creator of the heavens and the earth, flourished and blessed. In addition, it is our duty to work with you in order to see the same blessing come


through in your life. At Perfect Zone Productions we have a statement, "We exist because of you." This statement is more than true because without


the Lord this would have never existed, and without us working hand in hand with people like you we wouldn't be able to bring the Holy Spirit which


is the most powerful Spirit in this world. We specialize in video productions, web design, and graphic design.




Associate of Arts/Computer


Tarrant County College, Arlington, TX 76017


English Language Institute (2011) in English Mastering


University Of Texas at Arlington Completed with Award of “Best Attendance.” 


Arlington, Texas 76010




Quad-lingual in French, English, Spanish, and Mena


Three years’ experience in teaching at the Embassy of the United States of America in Togo, Africa,


Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop CS-CS3, Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas, and Audio visual software.


Expert in graphic design


Proficient with website, phone/tablet application development


SEO/APO expert


Proficient in live event broadcast for tv station/church/company/organization ...







PZI is our  IMAGE/PHOTO/DESIGN department.

Get your event covered by one of our professional photographers , or get your business website designed by a highly qualified designer, or kust talk to us and have your dreams come true at a fraction of the prices on the market.


PZC is our CINEMA department.

This department takes care of movies/Films, Music Videos, Interviews, TV Commercials and all video productions; we make your dreams come true by helping your produce your short or long movie dedicated to a specific audience.


PZm is our MUSIC department.

High quality, industry standard music recording, voice overs, transaltions and many many more. We take pride in offering not  only one of the best quality sound on the market, but also the best prices.

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Perfect Zone Productions

P.O.BOX 152468

Arlington, Texas 76015



TOLL FREE: 1800.499.8480



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